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Real Stories

Patient Testimonials

We believe that everyone deserves to live a pain-free life. Bonita Vista Acupuncture was created to provide our patients with a comfortable and modern clinic to make that goal a reality.

"Dr. Jillian is absolutely wonderful. She really listens and is so knowledgeable. I saw her for acupuncture to work on some chronic pain issues. I started to have some relief even after my first visit. Through a series of sessions, my pain decreased to a point where I rarely have any and when I do, I go back in and she takes care of it! I’m blown away."
Vanessa W.
“Dr. Jillian had such a lovely energy about her, I felt amazing and really grounded after my session. Not only did she make my aching muscles feel better I felt better emotionally as well. Highly recommend!”
Suzanna M.
"Dr. Jillian one of the more thorough acupuncturists, with her questioning and intake, but also in her dedication of tailoring her treatment specifically to each and every patient. Her kindness and empathy are always appreciated. If you are seeking a practitioner who pushes patient centered care, she is your lady."
Kristina C.
"I am so grateful for the skilled treatments I’ve received from Dr. Jillian. I’ve tried multiple modalities to help with chronic neck and shoulder pain. It wasn’t until working with Dr. Jillian that I experienced long term relief. Thank you for the intuitive, professional and compassionate care!"
Amy L.
"Jillian made the whole experience easy and comfortable. She intuited my reservations and gently let me come to my own understanding of the power of this practice. I wouldn’t trust anyone else and relieved I won’t have to. This experience absolutely changed my life!"
Audrey C.
“Dr. Jillian was a miracle worker. She made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease as soon as I arrived at the space. The treatment room was very relaxing - from the lighting to the music, to the temperature of the room. She talked me through various techniques she was using. After my treatment, I felt significantly more relaxed and released tension in areas I wasn't even aware I had been holding onto. Can't recommend Dr. Jillian's services enough!”
Andi C.
"I saw Dr. Jillian for back trouble and overall tightness in my joints and muscles. Her treatment was very effective, restoring free movement and an almost total elimination of pain. The day after was the first day I felt anything like normal in a long time.”
Dennis W.
"Amazing results. Highly recommend! Thank You, Dr. Jillian!”
James P.


""Amazing results. Highly recommend! Thank You, Dr. Jillian!”

James P.