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“Everything that is Bonita Vista Acupuncture was built with my patients fully in mind. I want everyone who walks into my clinic to feel invited and cared for at all times.”

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Jillian Imilkowski DACM, LAc., CMT

Dr. Jillian Imilkowski DACM, LAc., CMT is a board-certified Doctor of Acupuncture trained at the Pacific College of Health and Science in San Diego, CA where she also lives and works.

She has over three decades of experience helping patients of all ages manage chronic pain, recover from injuries, alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety, lessen the effects of sleep disorders, improve mental-emotional health, and much more.  She has worked with UC San Diego Health’s Owen Clinic Cancer Treatment Center and UC San Diego Health’s Center for Integrative Medicine.

Her background working within the mainstream healthcare system makes Dr. Jillian uniquely qualified to understand and collaborate with doctors from all fields.  She believes that healing comes from everywhere and has extensive experience providing stand-alone as well as adjunct treatment plans for her patients.

My Story

Dr. Jillian first experienced the power of Chinese medicine in 2004 after a car accident that threatened to severely limit her mobility and put her on a lifelong regimen of “pain management” medications.  Her doctor told her to prepare for the fact that she may never ride her bicycle again.  Not satisfied with that prognosis, she took her healing journey in a different direction. Working weekly with an acupuncturist for 6 months got her back on her bicycle for short rides. By the end of a year, with consistent work and strength training, Dr. Jillian signed up, trained for, and completed a 100-mile bicycle ride! Nearly 20 years later, she still gets regular acupuncture treatments and remains painkiller free, pain-free, and fully mobile.

what sets us apart?

About Bonita Vista Acupuncture

Located in Chula Vista, our clinic is designed to provide convenient, high-quality alternative health care that gets results in a clean and welcoming environment. Dr. Jillian elegantly merges the time-tested science of acupuncture with modern innovative, medical solutions to achieve measurable, long-lasting results.

Patient Resources

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Our Services

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The treatments at Bonita Vista Acupuncture can help address chronic pain, fatigue, mobility, and more.

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Our Care Philosophy

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Our multimodal pain services will always include up-to-date research and modalities.

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Our goal is to ensure your safety and comfort while discussing your questions or concerns.

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