Massage techniques are designed to remove severe tension and help relieve acute or chronic pain, promote relaxation, and ease the effects of daily stress. Our therapists are highly trained in deep tissue, Swedish, peri-natal (pre and post-pregnancy), active release therapy, trigger point, and tui na. Each treatment is tailored to the individual patient’s needs the day of the appointment.


CS60 is a healing modality developed by Mr. Nishimura in Japan. The massage technique utilizes a specialized magnetic and copper tool designed to break down toxins, release waste matter and rebalance the electromagnetic field in our bodies to improve overall functions. CS 60 is a massage technique done with clothing on. Please arrive for your appointment wearing loose fitting, light weight, comfortable clothing and socks.

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At Bonita Vista Acupuncture, we recognize that finding relief to chronic or mysterious problems can be difficult. We work compassionately to make your journey to a symptom-free life, as stress-free as possible by creating individually tailored treatments focused on your goals.

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